Artist Statement:

I am interested in exploring and asking the question, “What lingers in the silences we hold between each spoken word?” I believe this is where our true emotions live. I am aiming to examine these silences, the ones that have been handed down generation after generation and the ones acquired as we maneuver through the world. As women we have been conditioned to bear and grin the challenges we face. As a woman of color, that silence is compounded and extends beyond misogyny. To explore these issues, I am attempting a new way to interpret the unsaid, attempting to reach viewers in ways words cannot.

 The exploration of this nonverbal language starts with me confronting and questioning my silences in writing. I confront experiences, feelings, and thoughts from life and those that have been shared from other people’s perspectives. Employing expressive minimalism as my vehicle; line making, atmospheric color, and texture, I invite the viewer to investigate the unspoken silence that lingers between words.


Aimée is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. She now lives and works in Austin, Texas.