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Artist Statement:

Silence is powerful. Silence can also be harmful if used in the wrong ways. In my work, I am aiming to break these silences that have been handed down generation after generation. As women, we have been conditioned to bear and grin all the challenges we face. As a woman of color, that silence is compounded and extends beyond misogyny. I am aiming to dismantle this behavior by creating my own language. 

The formation of this language began with me writing down my experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Taking those writings, I recreated these thoughts, through minimal line making, color, composition, and form. Each piece is a visual snapshot of the situations and feelings that I have experienced, confronting traumas, societal woes, and ultimately seeking to bring an understanding of self. The use of these minimal lines has become a new language, my Morse code, my vehicle for breaking the silence.  With each line having its own meaning and pulse.


Aimée is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. She now lives and works in Austin, Texas.